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Vocational Technical Education

The Vocational Technical Studies Program at both Plymouth South and Plymouth North High Schools represents the best that education has to offer. The program at Plymouth North consists of 4 high quality programs that are blended into the comprehensive academic environment. Click here to view a brief video

All students who wish to obtain a technical certificate in addition to meeting their high school diploma requirements are encouraged to apply. The program is designed to provide students with the highest quality of hands-on instruction available. Students will gain knowledge in a wide variety of career and technical education areas. Opportunities within the program include internships, cooperative education assignments, job placement, licensure in selected programs, and admission to both two and four year colleges.
Our vocational technical studies graduates are attending some of the top colleges and technical institutes in the country. In addition, many go on to high paying apprenticeships or have a head start on military training. There are no limitations on how far our vocational technical studies students can go! You can literally have the best of both educational worlds here in Plymouth.
Cynthia J. Sylvia
Career & Vocational Technical Education Director

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Allied Health

The Allied Health Careers Program at Plymouth North High School is designed to give students an opportunity to explore a variety of health careers.  Ninth grade students begin with a full year course that introduces them to numerous health fields and focuses on the history of health care, professionalism, anatomy and physiology of the human body, and much more.  Sophomores then have a full year medical terminology class (related) with a shop/lab portion where they begin basic clinical skills.  Junior year students focus on clinical skills and care required of the geriatric population.  Students work in long term care facilities in the community to meet the state requirements needed to take the Nursing Assistant Certification exam.  This course has a related portion, as well as a lab/hands on and clinical portion.  During senior year students may expand their clinical skills while working at local health care facilities during a cooperative education opportunity. 

Existing Articulations Providing College Credit:

Cape Cod Community College, New England Institute of Technology, Quincy College, Southern Maine Community College

Engineering Technology

The Pre-Engineering Vocational Technical program at Plymouth North High School prepares students for entry level employment and continuing education in the challenging field of engineering by developing both theoretical and practical skills.  Laboratory applications in such areas as mechanical/system design, electronics, and microprocessors are integrated into the classroom experience.  These skills are acquired through a planned sequence of courses involving classroom work in conjunction with hands-on experience using modern fabrication, testing and measuring equipment.  Students receive a solid foundation in mathematics and basic engineering science.  Students experience cross-disciplinary research and project opportunities in civil, mechanical, and pre-engineering areas.  The Pre-Engineering curriculum is unique in that it offers such a broad study of topics with the latest technology.  For example, each student is exposed to surveying, renewable energy, robotics/system automation, electronics, computer aided desigh and computer numerical controlled machining and mechanical design.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Vocational Technical Education Program at Plymouth North High School provides a curriculum that encompasses instruction in the all-inclusive Facilities Management areas.  The program prepares students for employment in the field by teaching students a diversified curriculum in multiple trade related areas.  The demand for individuals with diversified vocational knowledge is high due to the ever-changing environment of the employment market.  These skills create many pathways that can lead toward a bright future.  Students can take college courses and earn college credits during their high school years.  A Facilities Management student, upon graduation, may work as a building maintenance mechanic, carpenter's apprentice, electrician apprentice, or in a variety of other entry-level positions.  A student may also further their education by attending a technical college or a 4 year college.  Skills that are taught include Print Reading, Carpentry, Electricity, Masonry, Painting, Plumbing and Welding. 

Click here to view the Facilities Management power point presentation
Click here to view the Facilities Management parent information letter


Marketing Education

Marketing Education is a specialized area of study with a broad field of applications.  Marketing students learn essential communication skills applied to business development, entrepreneurship, management, career development and employability. The theory taught in the classroom is applied through hands on project based learning.  It is our goal as a team to create an environment that inspires intrinsic motivation.  By developing and managing projects students design themselves, the classroom culture generates innovative and critical thinkers prepared for the 21st century.  The job outlook in marketing is better than ever with increasing competition among businesses of all types.  The demand for qualified marketers will continue to climb.  Marketing positions can be found in every arena from the computer science industry to fashion, law and medicine.  An education in Marketing does not limit students to a business career.  It is not unusual for individuals to change careers several times and we can say with confidence the knowledge gained is a valuable tool students can use no matter where their career path may lead.  Graduates of the program gain a solid foundation on which to base their future college goals. 

Existing Articulations Providing College Credit:

Cape Cod Community College, Curry College, Quincy College, UMass Dartmouth


Why are over 180,000 high school students in 5,000 chapters located in the United States, Canada, Germany and Puerto Rico, members of DECA?  Because DECA provides unparalleled opportunitites to:

  • Develop leadership and business skills beyond what the classroom can provide
  • Explore a variety of career fields, such as fashion, finance, marketing, hospitality & tourism, sports & entertainment and entrepreneurship
  • Receive international recognition in competitive events
  • Create friendships with people from all across North America and beyond at career/leadership conferences held in exciting locations
  • Build a college application and resume that will put you at the top of anyone's list.



SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.  SkillsUSA serves more than 280,000 students and instructors annually.  The organization has 13,000 chapters in 54 state and territorial associations.  Every Technical Studies student is enrolled in the SkillsUSA Plymouth Chapter.  As members, they can participate in a variety of competitions at the Local, District, State and National levels.  It is a chance to show off their trade skills, meet new people and gain confidence in the careers they will hold.

Application Process

A Vocational Technical Studies Program is offered to all students who wish to obtain a technical certificate in addition to being able to meet their high school diploma requirements. Students must apply to the Vocational Technical Studies program by February 16, 2018

Students enrolled in Vocational Technical Studies will have the opportunity to participate at any academic level within the high school's program. All students enrolled in a Technical Studies Program attend Plymouth South High School, with the exception of Allied Health, Marketing, Engineering and Facilities Management which are housed at Plymouth North High school.

The Vocational Technical Studies Program is designed to provide students with the highest quality of instruction available. Students will gain knowledge in a wide variety of career and educational opportunitites.

In order to ensure equal access to the Technical Studies program, a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved Vocational Technical Education Admissions Policy has been adopted for all students. A copy of the Admissions Policy and the Application is available at the link below.

Vocational Technical Education Admissions Application
Vocational Technical Education Admissions Policy
Admisiones Politicas/Pautas
Aplicacion de Admisiones


Cooperative Education

Students who are in good academic standing, who have an acceptable attendance record and who have completed at least two years of vocational technical training, and no earlier than second semester of their junior year, are eligible to participate in a co-operative placement program.  Other specific requirements based on individual programs may need to be fulfilled for admission into the co-op program.

Click Here to view the Cooperative Education Handbook

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