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Social Studies Department

253 South Meadow Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: 508.830.4476
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Kathleen Babini, Coordinator
Cindy Toomey, Administrative Assistant


Message from the Coordinator:

Social Studies education is dedicated to the understanding of our nation's rich history and how we are connected globally to other places and nations. It consists of the study of history, geography, economics, civics and the social sciences. It is through the study of these areas that students will become familiar with their future role as active and informed citizens.

Students will be presented with authentic learning experiences that give them the opportunity to analyze primary source documents, understand historical perspective, learn about other cultures, become critical readers, learn to write purposefully and interpret events using a holistic lens.

Our curriculum is designed to build on social studies skills, while presenting the content standards outlined in the Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework. It gives students many opportunities to practice social studies skills and gain new understandings.  As a student in the 21st Century, our students must have the knowledge to live, learn and work in a global arena. Social studies gives them the opportunity to learn about their country and the world around them.

Kathleen Babini
Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
Plymouth Public Schools



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