Plymouth Early Childhood Center

School Life

The inherent rights of all children as unique individuals are respected at the Plymouth Early Childhood Center. It is a school that believes that children should be in their neighborhood communities with their peers who will be with them throughout their educational years. Most importantly, it is a school community that is not an isolated experience but an environment of opportunities for real life. This school will educate all children to accept and understand diversity. This school will support and nurture opportunities for children with or without challenges in developing lasting friendships.

In this school community all children learn together in the same classroom with the necessary provisions for success. The delivery of services will be woven into the intrinsic routine of the day. The importance of parents as valuable and equal members of the educational team will be realized. This school community brings a shared sense of responsibility and collaboration with professionals and paraprofessionals.

There will be a supportive leadership innate within the community as well as school administration. This is a school which keeps abreast of the ever changing technology and its usage. This school is committed to adapting the educational schema to meet even the most profound of challenges.

We shall remember that our school communities are representative of our investment in the future, and the right for each of us to participate in the fulfillment of that investment is an inherent one.

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