What Sets Us Apart

  • For learners in the middle level, we believe the team approach provides the best opportunity for growth.  At PSMS, grade levels are divided into smaller academic teams, allowing our students, parents, and teachers to forge meaningful relationships and a strong sense of belonging.  

    Our grade 6 students are taught by two teachers who deliver math and science instructions as well as a humanities teacher who instructs them in Ancient Civilizations and English Language Arts. 

    In grades 7 and 8, the students have a variety of teachers who teach only one discipline. The teachers work collaboratively as an instructional team to plan the delivery of the curriculum, create comprehensive, cross-curricular opportunities and create a small-school learning community within the confines of our school. 

    Additionally, PSMS offers: 

    • Advanced Learning Opportunities Program
    • Virtual High School opportunities
    • Travel Abroad opportunities with our sister-towns Plymouth, UK and Shichigahama, Japan
    • JagTV Educational Television Program