School Committee Reorganization June, 2020

School Committee Members May 2018

Members 2020-21

  • At the first regular School Committee meeting following the Spring Town Elections, the members reorganize in compliance with Town Charter requirements and given the possibility of new membership. Each newly elected member is sworn in by the Town Clerk, after which they may participate in the regular business of the Committee for the next three years. Members act as representative liaisons to Plymouth's schools, are appointed to many district and community subcommittees, and are recommended for appointment to many of the Town's committees -- quite a commitment! Their assignment listing for the 2020-21 school year is available here.


    Downloadable PDF of 2020-21 Liaison and SubCommittee_Assignments

Ms. Kim Savery, Chair

  • Contact Ms. Savery by Email
    (617) 861-7944

    Ms. Hunt was elected to the School Committee in 2012, and has served as Secretary from May 2014-May 2017, as Vice Chair from May 2017-June 2020, and as Chair beginning in June 2020.

Ms. Michelle L. Badger, Vice Chair

  • 35 Dorothy Drive
    Contact Ms. Badger by Email
    (508) 224-3033

    Ms. Badger was first elected to School Committee in May, 2011.  She served as Vice Chair from May, 2012 until May, 2017 and was again elected Vice Chair in June 2020.

Mr. Robert P. Morgan, Secretary

  • 9 Peter Road
    Contact Mr. Morgan by Email
    (857) 636-0201

    Mr. Morgan had previously served on School Committee from 2009-2012 as Secretary beginning May, 2010 and then as Vice Chair beginning in May, 2011.  He returned to School Committee in May, 2014 and has served as Secretary since May, 2017.

Mrs. Margie C. Burgess

  • 93 Mohawk Drive
    Contact Mrs. Burgess by Email
    (508) 728-0555

    Mrs. Burgess was first elected to School Committee in May, 1998.  She has served continuously since then as Secretary for many years and as Chair for the 2009-10 school year.

Mrs. Vedna K. Lacombe-Heywood

Mr. Luis Pizano

Dr. James R. Sorensen

  • 23 Sleepy Hollow Drive
    Contact Dr. Sorensen by Email  (508) 746-2513

    Dr. Sorensen had previously served on the Plymouth-Carver Regional School Committee from 1982-1993 and on the Plymouth School Committee from 1993-2005.  He returned to the School Committee in 2013, and served as Chair from May, 2017 through June, 2020.