Welcome to Summer Math (Middle School) 2020

  • Despite the non-traditional path this school year took, your child has worked hard and acquired many new skills this year in math class.  However, over the summer months, many of the strides your child made the previous year may be lost due to summer math inactivity.  For this reason, we are happy to provide your child with summer math activities that will help them start the year off right!

    The math activities for the summer of 2020 are not the same as the packets we have done in the past.  We have decided this summer to utilize free online resources from Curriculum Associates which include grade appropriate learning activity packs as well as additional resources for more content.

    These learning activity packs are optional and are intended to allow students to practice skills they have already acquired in math class.  The links to grades 6 through 8 are included below, but please feel free to work on other grades; there is no such thing as too much math practice!  Students will not be required to turn in any work to their teacher and these activities will not be graded.