Message from the Health Department

  • Elementary Health Education 

    The elementary health curriculum has been developed with the input of health content experts and are aligned with the National Health Education Standards, CASEL Standards, and Skills-Based Learning Methods.   The K-5 health model of Plymouth provides:

    • time to learn and practice health habits and skills for a lifetime.
    • a focus on helping young people develop and practice personal and social skills, such as communication and decision making, in order to deal effectively with health-risk situations.
    • strategies to address social and media influences on student behaviors and help students identify heal thy alternatives to specific high-risk behaviors.
    • an emphasis on critical knowledge and skills that students need in order to obtain, understand, and use basic health information and services in ways that enhance healthy living.
    • a focus on behaviors that have the greatest effect on health, especially those related to nutrition; physical activity; violence and injury; alcohol and other drug use; and tobacco use.
    • a developmentally appropriate approach to building the functional knowledge and skills, from year to year