Online Resources

  • The Imagine Neighborhood: a podcast for students and families.

    Confident Parents, Confident Kids: A site for parents actively supporting kids' social and emotional development.

    Edutopia: A Parent's Guide to Social and Emotional Learning.

    How to Deal with Anxiety: The stress of a crisis can take a toll on your mental health. Finding ways to cope with your fear and anxiety will help you and the people you care about stay strong during the coronavirus outbreak. 

    MA Network of Care: The Network of Care for Mental/Behavioral Health is an online information portal for individuals, families, and social service agencies concerned with community mental health services, substance use treatment programs, and help for people with developmental disabilities. This online community provides critical information, communication, and advocacy tools with a single point of entry for those seeking access to social services. It ensures there is "No Wrong Door" for those navigating the system of behavioral health resources, those working to avoid the need for formal services, and those ready to transition out of the behavioral health system.

    For additional resources, please visit the Student Support Services page.

Local Resources

  • pydc logo The Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative (PYDC) is a community coalition focused on preventing youth substance use and increasing protective factors for youth in the town.   

    pfn Plymouth Family Network (PFN) - The Plymouth Family Network is funded by the Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) grant from the MA Department of Early Education and Care through the Title 1 Department of the Plymouth Public Schools. PFN supports to families with young children and expectant parents living in the town of Plymouth. They provide referral services, help finding a preschool/childcare, early screenings and free playgroups and parent enrichment opportunities. 

    interface logo Interface - The William James INTERFACE Referral Service aims to help break down the “silos” that exist between various agencies, mental health providers, and systems that can often hinder access to mental health and wellness services for individuals. Through the Helpline that operates Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 5 PM, callers from subscribing communities will work with a Resource and Referral Counselor who will help them navigate the challenges of finding mental health services.

    CC logo Calmer Choice - Calmer Choice partners with schools and community organizations across Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts to deliver an evidence-based prevention program that equips children with a suite of skills to increase inner resilience, reduce the impact of stress, manage emotional responses, learn self-control and increase their sense of well-being.

    pfrc logo Plymouth Family Resource Center - The Plymouth Family Resource Center (PFRC) supports families to access and navigate resources in the local community. They have supports to help parents and guardians keep their kids on track, basic needs supports, and community events and groups. All FREE!

    MOAR logo

    The Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery - The Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery was founded in 1991 to collectively meet with other addiction oriented groups to build a coalition to support Licensing of Alcohol and Drug Counselors.  Their mission is to organize recovering individuals, families and friends into a collective voice to educate the public about the value of recovery from alcohol and other addictions. 
    Hope Floats logo Hope Floats - Hope Floats is a bereavement and educational center for adults, children, teens, and their families who are grieving, dealing with illness, or facing other life challenges. They provide free support services that bring hope and healing to those in need.
    Riverside logo Riverside Trauma Center - Riverside Trauma Center, a service of Riverside Community Care, provides critical incident services to communities, schools, health and human services providers, organizations, government agencies, workplaces, and individuals in many areas of Massachusetts.
    Their team is composed of highly-trained, licensed mental health professionals who have expertise in managing acute trauma, sudden or violent death, traumatic grief, and other highly stressful events.
    Family Equality logo Family Equality - Family Equality is hosting live video events such movement and dance, story sessions, and music lessons for young audiences. LGBTQ family-building resources are also available.