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    Bridgewater State College houses a comprehensive program on anti-bullying. The program is called the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC), and it covers a broad range of issues that encompass keeping our students safe from bullying both in school and on-line. Their goal is to provide services to students and school staff in grades K-12 in Massachusetts, "in the area of bullying prevention, cyber-bullying education and prevention, and violence prevention."
    Click here for a link to the MARC website.

    Stop Bullying Now: "The team of adults who helped to develop this campaign worked very closely with members of a Youth Expert Panel made up of 9 through 13-year-olds who made sure the campaign reflected the "real life" impact of bullying in middle school and beyond. The Panel also included a few older teenagers, who gave great advice on how to get older teenagers to lend a hand to young people who are bullied."


    Naviance is a comprehensive web-based college and career readiness program for middle and high school students that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Naviance can help students to identify their strengths and align their interests to long-term college and career goals. Each Plymouth Public School student in grade 6-12 has his or her own Naviance account. Guidance Counselors work with students during the school year on developmentally appropriate grade level lessons.Counselors work with students to help them explore career interests, set SMART goals and plan a successful pathway to high school and beyond. There is also a wealth of college and career readiness information within the Naviance platform that students can utilize on their own. 


    Tips on How to Study


    Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative (PYDC) is a community coalition motivated around enhancing the lives of youth in our community. The goals are to reduce the risk factors contributing to underage drinking and drug abuse in Plymouth; to increase the protective factors that support a healthy community, and to enhance community collaboration.


    All teens under 16 years of age must complete a WORK PERMIT APPLICATION before starting a new job from the website.

    Print the Youth employment permit application
    Give application to the employer to fill out their portion (Promise of Employment).
    Have your doctor sign his/her portion (Physician's Certificate of Health).
    Parent/guardian signs their portion.
    Once these are completed, you may request a WORKING PERMIT from the Main Office before or after school, or during lunch.