• Regular attendance in all classes is essential to the learning process and helps to establish good student work habits. Therefore, students are expected to be in attendance every day of the school year. Parents/guardians have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child or children are in attendance each day school is in session.

    The Plymouth Public Schools employs a full-time Supervisor of Attendance (Truant Officer) whose duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, investigating and accounting for the attendance of all compulsory-school-age children ages 6-16, and to enforce laws relating to compulsory attendance.

    Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 76, Section 20, the Supervisor of Attendance may apprehend and take to school, without a warrant, any truant or absentee found wandering in the streets or public places.

    Ben Janulewicz, the Supervisor of Attendance, is based at central office, but also moves about the community as necessary to provide immediate service to students and families.


Supervisor of Attendance Referral Form