Grades 1-12 Enrollment


    You will need to provide the documentation listed below to register your child for Grades 1-12:

    Proof of Residency**

    To attend Plymouth Public Schools, a student must reside in the Town of Plymouth. Families registering must demonstrate Plymouth residency as outlined in the Plymouth Public Schools Proof of Residency Guidelines in the registration packet. If the parent/guardian cannot produce the documentation to prove residency a notarized Residency Affidavit is required.

    Child’s Original Birth Certificate

    A municipally issued copy with a raised stamp or seal. Hospital documentation is not accepted.

    Most current Physical Exam with proof of Lead Screening and Immunizations **

    Most physicians will provide a computer-generated school health record that includes all immunizations and lead screening after a physical. The following vaccination series is required for Kindergarten and is due before entrance in September. Although immunizations may not be complete by registration, they need to be completed to attend school in the fall. Hepatitis B, Varicella (Chicken Pox), DTaP or DTP, Polio, and MMR vaccinations.

     Please print a single-sided Complete Registration Packet, or complete the following individual forms as needed.  

     The following registration forms are included in the Registration Packet:




    Español: Este es un documeto importante. Por favor hágalo traducir. Póngase en contado con la escuela de su niño si usted necesita ayuda. Gracias.

    Português: Isto é um documento importante. Por favor mande-o traduzir. Contate a escola da sua criança se você precisar de ajuda. Obrigado.