College, Career & Technical Education Program

  • The Technical Education Program at both Plymouth South and Plymouth North High Schools represents the best that education has to offer. The program at Plymouth North & South consists of 17 high-quality programs that are blended into the comprehensive academic environment.

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    All students who wish to obtain a Technical Education certificate in addition to meeting their high school diploma requirements are encouraged to apply. The program is designed to provide students with the highest quality of hands-on instruction available. Students will gain knowledge and skills in a wide range of college, career and technical education areas. Opportunities within the program include internships, cooperative education assignments, job placement, licensure in selected programs, and admission to both two and four-year colleges.

    Our Technical Education graduates are attending some of the top colleges, universities and technical institutes in the country. In addition, many go on to high paying apprenticeships or have a head start on their military training. There are no limitations on how far our College, Career & Technical Education  students can go! You can have the best of both educational worlds here in Plymouth.

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    How does CCTE Work in Plymouth?