• Please complete and submit the account request form below.  Once your information has been verified, your new account login credentials will be e-mailed to you.  Normally parent accounts will be processed within one week but please understand that we usually have a high volume of requests at the beginning of the school year and they may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your login information. We appreciate your patience as these accounts are linked to confidential information and we want to be sure they are set up correctly.  If you need any help with your parent account after it is created, please e-mail Aspen Help:  aspenhelp@plymouth.k12.ma.us

    Please do not submit multiple requests.  If you have already submitted a request for a parent portal account more than 3 weeks ago and have not received an email with your login credentials, please check your spam folder before submitting a new request.  The email you will recieve will come from: 


     **Please note, the "Aspen Help" e-mail address is for support with PARENT portal accounts only.  Student accounts are managed and supported at the school building.**

     Request Form for Parent Portal Access

     Parent and Student Portal User Guide