MCAS High School Math Tutoring

  • MCAS mathematics tutoring services are available to high school students and are dependent on the student’s individual schedule. If possible, students will be scheduled for tutoring sessions (once or twice weekly during the school day) with help from their guidance counselor and the MCAS tutor(s). This program provides intensive, small-group instruction in mathematics to help students prepare for the high school MCAS examination.

    Criteria to Consider:
    •      It is the student’s responsibility to attend the scheduled tutoring sessions.
    •      Once a commitment is made, it is expected that students will attend all sessions.
    •      Students must be motivated and willing to improve their skills.
    •      There is an expectation of good student behavior during all tutoring sessions.
    •      A strong parental commitment to supporting the program is helpful.
    •      Taking advantage of tutoring is a mandatory requirement if a student eventually decides to appeal his/her MCAS for graduation. 

    Please contact your child's guidance counselor for more information.

    Link to High School MCAS Math Tutoring Registration Form