• Massachusetts General Law requires that certain health Screenings be done in school. In the early fall, all students in grades K – 5, 7 and 10 will have their hearing and vision tested. The parent of any student failing the screening will be notified and given the appropriate referral.

    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has recommended that all children have their Body Mass Index (BMI) monitored periodically. The BMI can be used as a guideline to predict the risk for future health problems and be further evaluated by your child’s physician. The BMI is easily calculated using the height and weight measurements obtained in your child’s screening. 

    Massachusetts General Law requires that every student in grades 5 – 9 be screened for scoliosis each year. The School Nurses and Physical Education Teachers have all been trained in this process. The screening will take place throughout the school year during your child’s Physical Education class time. Letters will be sent home to all parents/guardians prior to the screening. School Nurse will notify parents/guardians if the child should have a follow up screening with their physician.

    In 2017 Massachusetts Legislator enacted requirements for public schools, referred to as Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). SBIRT is a public health prevention model that involves motivational interviewing with students in grades 7 and 9. This one on one confidential student screening with the school nurse focuses on prevention, early detection, risk assessment, brief counseling and a referral (if necessary) can be utilized in the school setting. This entire screening process utilizes a validated screening tool that enables the school nurse educator to detect potential risk for substance use related problems in students and to provide health education around prevention, as well as to offer brief intervention strategies to address any substance use concerns at an early stage in adolescents. For additional information, please refer to the Family Resources section of the Health Services' page to view a brief video on the SBIRT screening process.