Professional Development Mission and Philosophy

  • The mission of the Plymouth Public Schools' Professional Development Program is to improve and sustain the professional growth of ALL employees through collegially planned learning and offer opportunities to grow in new areas of learning, both individually and collaboratively, as we prepare our students for a rapidly changing society. These opportunities will promote more effective teaching and learning, explore current research in education, and foster personal and professional growth.

    The Plymouth Public Schools believes that staff members should be provided with instructional development opportunities that are consistent with our Strategic Plan. Identified in the Strategic Plan are the Core Beliefs, Mission and Vision statements for the Plymouth Public Schools along with four strategic goals, which include students' social and emotional growth, increased family and community engagement, enhancing academic achievement of all students at all levels, and to provide a strong district and school leadership. Our professional development offerings will ensure continuous improvement for the Plymouth Public Schools, focus our energy and talents within the district and, most importantly, focus on the future of our district for our students.

    We believe that professional development honors educators' willingness to grow through life-long, continuous learning. Professional development includes opportunities for educators to: 

    • Deepen understanding of content knowledge
    • Study and implement researched-based best practices
    • Collaborate in professional learning communities
    • Understand the link between new practices and student learning needs

    We believe that professional development engages educators in discussion, active participation, and reflection, culminating with implementation in the classroom.

    Our district's Professional Development Program contains a variety of opportunities for Plymouth educators to acquire content knowledge and understanding and to develop and adopt innovative research-based instructional strategies designed to promote active learning, reflection, creativity and inquiry. Through staff meetings, in-service workshops, after-school and online courses, conferences, study groups, P.A.S.S., and committee meetings we are working hard to implement the goals of our District Strategic Plan. Our ongoing professional development promotes research-based teaching methods, standards-based content-specific curriculum and assessment improvements, differentiated instructional strategies, support of second language learners, and the use of instructional technology in all content areas to support all students.