About the Committee

  • Plymouth's School Committee is comprised of seven members elected for three-year, overlapping terms at the Town Elections held each May. Their primary responsibilities are to:

    (1)  Oversee the annual school budget,
    (2)  Develop school system policies,
    (3)  Hire and review the performance of the Superintendent of Schools, and
    (4)  Advocate for the school system with citizens and Town Government.

    In 2016, the School Committee adopted the current Strategic Plan 2016-2020 after more than a year of effort on the part of the Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of almost 30 members of the community, parents, staff.

    As we continue transitioning into a paperless environment as a society, the School Committee in 2008 made the conscious decision to take their meetings paperless. Resulting from this change, the School Committee continues to save hundreds of reams of paper on an annual basis, along with ancillary supplies such as binders, dividers, and more.

    The School Committee maintains membership in several professional organizations, including the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) and the National School Boards Association (NSBA). These organizations provide ongoing training for School Committee members and help inform of the issues and events of importance in fulfilling the role of School Committee member.

Committee Organization 2019-20

Picture of the School Committee Organization Chart 2019-2020