Business Office Overview

  • Welcome to the Plymouth Public Schools Business Services Office. The Plymouth Public Schools Business Services Office is dedicated to supporting the instructional programs of the district as well as providing financial oversight for all of the district’s local, state and federal funds.

    The Plymouth Public Schools Business Office is responsible for the following: 

    • Development of the district’s operational budget for the School Committee.
    • Financial monitoring of the district’s programs and grants budgets.
    • Procurement of all materials, supplies, and contracted services.
    • Accounts Payable.
    • Accounts Receivable.
    • Payroll.
    • Completion of the district’s audited Annual Report with the Massachusetts Department of Education.
    • Completion of the district’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
    • Financial reporting to the School Committee as part of the management information system.
    • The Business Services Office is committed to providing current financial information to the district administrators to enable them to make the appropriate decisions to benefit student learning and school operation. 
    • In addition, the department works closely with the Human Resources department for payroll and benefits. 

    General financial and budget information requests should be directed to the following:

    Julie Hurley, Administrative Secretary, Business Office 
    Contact Ms. Julie Hurley by EMail 508.224.5039

    Pamela Aspden, Accounting Department, Elementary 
    Contact Mrs. Pamela Aspden by EMail  508.224.5051  

    Barbara Moreau, Accounting Department, Secondary 
    Contact Mrs. Barbara Moreau by EMail 508.224.5053 

    Sarah Reichert, Accounting Department, Grants & Revolving 
    Contact Mrs. Sarah Reichert by EMail 508.224.5052 

    Tracey-Jo Antaya, Accounting Department
    Contact Mrs. Tracey-Jo Antaya by EMail 508.224.5072 

    Kimberly Harnais, Payroll Department, Elementary 
    Contact Mrs. Kim Harnais by EMail 508.224.5048 

    Kathleen Moroz, Payroll Department, Secondary 
    Contact Ms. Kathleen Moroz by EMail 508.224.5047





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