PPS COVID-19 Weekly Update

  • The Plymouth Public Schools is committed to transparency as it communicates information pertaining to COVID-19. This dashboard is a source of information for members of our community to remain updated on the most accurate COVID-19 data related to our District.

    The data reported below has been confirmed by the State through the Department of Public Health’s MAVEN online information system.  In addition; we immediately update our school communities when a positive case has been reported via a letter to individual school stakeholders.  Please note, there may be time between the letters sent and the State's reporting of PPS cases in MAVEN.

    The dashboard will be updated weekly by 4 p.m. EDT. each Friday. We hope this page is useful to the entire Plymouth community for providing important, up-to-date information about the COVID-19.

    To view our COVID-19 Update for previous weeks, click here.

    View Staff and Student Totals by School (August 2020 through February 12, 2021)

Student Update

Employee Update

Massachusetts Travel Guidance - Updated

    Families, please note the following guidance:
    • Testing for children, 10 years and younger, who are traveling with an adult from their household is not required. Children 10 years and younger should mimic the quarantine requirement and testing options completed by the household adult they accompanied for travel. If the accompanying adult chooses to quarantine, the child must also quarantine. If the accompanying adult chooses to obtain a test, the child and adult must quarantine until the adult’s negative test result is received
    • Compliance with Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements:  Children who travel into and out of Massachusetts because of transfers of custody or visitation between parents or guardians are exempt from the requirements of the order
    • Persons Who Tested Positive within 90 Days of Arrival to Massachusetts and Successfully Completed Isolation: Individuals who are COVID-19-recovered, meaning individuals who tested positive more than 10 days but less than 90 days ago and who do not have symptoms, do not need to obtain a negative PCR test prior to traveling to or quarantine upon arrival to Massachusetts.  COVID-19 recovered individuals arriving in Massachusetts must have documentation of the positive PCR test result available if asked. This exception does not include COVID-19-recovered individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19, who must follow all testing and quarantine guidance outlined in the travel rules
    • A negative result from an antigen test must be confirmed by a negative result from an FDA EUA-approved molecular (PCR) SARS-CoV2 test, on a sample obtained 72 hours or less prior to arrival in Massachusetts

COVID-19 Resources

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