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  • Hedge School is the oldest functioning school in Plymouth. Built in 1910, Hedge School has seen many changes in Plymouth and in the world. Many of its students have been through four different wars and they have seen the small town of Plymouth grow from a modest population of under 10,000 people to a burgeoning population of 50,000 people. Yet the small community of North Plymouth still remains in many ways the same, close knit and family oriented.

    Families, many of whom can trace their roots back to the Pilgrims continue to live here. This proud collection of people come from all walks of life and offer a unique cultural diversity not found in many towns. Hedge School is also unique in that it is truly a neighborhood school. We are one of the few elementary schools in the country that has all of its children walk to school. Hedge continues to serve as a community center as well as an elementary school. On any given night you will see activities such as day care, Brownies, Cub Scouts and P.T.O. meetings.

    Hedge School may be the oldest school in the community but it is completely wired with the latest of technology and a state of the art weather station. We feel that this latest technology together with a strong work ethic and an inbred sense of home and community prepares our students for the 21st century.


    Hedge School History by Winifred Avery (a Hedge School "Grandmother")

    The Hedge School, located on Standish Avenue in North Plymouth, received its name from Isaac Hedge for whom the pond was named and who originally owned much of the property in the area.

    In 1909, the Town of Plymouth, realizing that the north part of town had increased in population decided to build another school. They appropriated $20,000.00 to purchase a lot and the erect a brick school house. The lot finally purchased was on the westerly side of Standish Avenue, a little north of Cherry Street. Hedge School was opened in the fall of 1910 and was instantly filled by students from the Bourne Street and Knapp schools, and was expected that the Hedge School would soon have an addition as the Cordage Company was bringing in many new people.

    In 1911 they planned for an addition of four more rooms in the rear of the existing building and appropriated the money to go ahead with this plan. In 1921 the town brought in portable classrooms which remained until 1924. They also saw the need for a larger playground and bought property adjacent to the school to enlarge it. In 1923 they approved the addition of an auditorium and four more rooms and more land was purchased to give them the needed space. They completed the addition in 1924 in time for the September reopening. This gave the school 12 classrooms, an auditorium with a stage, a principal's office and a doctor's room. It also had a new heating plant installed but still needed more playground space since some of the area did not drain well and must have been muddy in the spring. Land at the rear of the school was purchased and the play area extended. The school committee could see they would need more classroom space in the near future and suggested they would have to take property that at that time had dwellings on it, this never occurred. Mrs. Mary A. Brown gave a piano to the Hedge School as well as a weather vane, which can still be seen working on top of the school. The town put in sidewalks and curbs the length of the school at this time and granolithic walks were laid to the six entrances and the lawn was completed. The town bought land that contained an icehouse from Louis Pederzani to add to the existing playground. The icehouse burned twice, once in 1927 and again in 1943. This is where the parking lot and small park are now located.

    In the 1950's the children were able to learn about banking since they were able to deposit their money while in school. During this time the 6th grade boys were used as crossing guards.

    When the 80's arrived we realized that our auditorium was sadly inadequate and were able to rebuild it, which has helped us utilize that space to better advantage. We also brightened our cafeteria with a new coat of paint. The library was moved and is more enjoyable in its new location, (the former room "13") in the basement. As to the playground it is a far cry from the original small muddy schoolyard.

    In the 1990's we celebrated our 80th birthday with a weeklong event that included an open house in which all known alumni were invited back. There was also a dance where Hedge was recognized by the State of Massachusetts. Finally, a Dinner Theatre sponsored by the Hedge School staff and students celebrated the birthday.

    As we go onward into the 21st century, Hedge School will make every effort to meet the demands of an ever-growing town and country.

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