Thinking Globally

  • Students studying abroad

    "As the Plymouth Public Schools prepares to welcome the 400th anniversary of our community, it is imperative that we build on our strengths, including our excellence and leardership, to prepare our students for the challenges of a modern education," wrote Dr. Maestas in his message from the Superintendent regarding the Plymouth Public Schools Strategic Plan for the Academic Years 2016-20.

    During academic year 2014-15, the District undertook the daunting task of reviewing, revisiting and creating an updated Strategic Plan. The almost 30-member Strategic Planning Advisory Team met over the course of a year and arrived at many conclusions. Among them, they foresaw the importance for our students to become better global citizens.

    As part of the third goal to increase family and community engagement, the Team included an objective to enhance community and family awareness of the educational partnership between Plymouth, Massachusetts and Plymouth in the United Kingdom. The Team also wanted to create opportunities for our students to enhance their global awareness by expanding this objective to include other global partners.

    We are excited to be offer global study and hosting opportunities to our students and families. Please check back as our upcoming opportunities become available.


  • Dominican Republic

  • England, United Kingdom

  • French Republic

  • Galapagos Islands, Archipelago of Columbus

  • Iceland, ‎Lydhveldidh Island

  • Kingdom of Spain, Reino de España

  • People's Republic of China

  • Republic of Costa Rica

  • State of Japan, Nippon-koku