PPS Letterhead
  • May 4, 2020 

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    This remote learning website is populated with our remote learning plan, which includes weekly lesson plans from each of your child’s teachers as well as other learning opportunities that you and your children may take advantage of during this extended closure. You can also find a posting of weekly “Office Hours” for each teacher, specialist and administrator detailing how and when parents and students may connect with District staff.  Please note, in addition to these specific hours, staff is accessible daily by email.  

    It is important to know that the work assigned by our teachers is not considered optional. Rather, assignments will be “graded” on a “complete/incomplete” system at the elementary level and “pass/fail” at the secondary level. 

    The elementary classroom teachers and other certificated staff members will be responsible for the ongoing monitoring and tracking of student participation and completion of assigned work. This will also include providing ongoing feedback to individual students. 

    At the middle and high school, the goal for teachers is to provide engagement in learning concepts for students during the closure. Teachers will continue to utilize a pass/fail grading system for term 4. If students do not engage in any work over the entire course of the term they will receive a fail. A passing grade will reflect whether or not a student is engaged in the lessons provided. Students are expected to engage in assignments that are shared weekly by their respective teachers. Work will be assessed on a weekly basis by teachers and inputted into Aspen. Specific criteria for acceptable work may be found on the individual teacher lesson plan pages. 

    If a student is unresponsive in the remote learning environment, our teachers will make every effort to connect and communicate with students and parents. Additionally, if necessary, school administration and/or guidance will conduct further outreach efforts.

    As we continue with remote learning through the remainder of this school year, we must all remember to communicate and share what is working and what is not. If for any reason this poses a challenge for you, or you have other barriers that interfere with your child’s ability to access materials, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or principal as soon as possible.  

    Wishing you all the best of health and safety.


    C. Campbell

    Christopher S. Campbell
    Assistant Superintendent 
    Administration and Instruction
    Plymouth Public Schools