Plymouth's 1st Annual Children's Business Fair

  • Plymouth Public Schools fifth grade students are invited to channel their entrepreneurial spirit and debut their own innovative products and services at our one-day marketplace on Thursday, October 21st! This exciting opportunity aims to inspire the next generation of business owners by providing a safe space in which to show and sell their products.

    Students will develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace. Students will not only learn the important skills and knowledge it takes to bring an idea to market, but also how it relates to everyday learning - Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English!

    Thursday, October 21st:  Children’s Business Fair! 6:00-8:00 PM at West Elementary School

    Print out the full Children's Business Fair packet here or find each form below. 

    Español - Print out the full SPANISH Children's Business Fair packet here.

    Português do Brasil - Print out the full BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Children's Business Fair packet here. 

    Please contact your child's school principal with additional questions.

  • Click above for the Welcome Packet.

  • Permission Slip Form

    Click above for Permission Slip. Due Friday, September 24th.

  • Code of Conduct Form

    Click above for Code of Conduct.

  • Business Plan Form

    Click above for Business Plan. Due Friday, October 1st.

Getting Your Business Started

  • What is the Plymouth Children’s Business Fair?

  • How many businesses will you accept?

  • Why is the Plymouth Children’s Business Fair only open to fifth grade students?

  • How do I apply? Can I apply as part of a group?

  • What is on the Business Plan?

  • Will I have a Mentor?

  • What if someone else has the same business idea?

  • How will the fair be set up?

  • Will electricity be available?

  • What are the expectations for parents of vendors?

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