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Mentoring Induction

A Mentor offers support and advice to the novice teacher helping them transition into the teaching profession


Mentoring and Induction Program

The Plymouth Public School System is dedicated to providing quality mentoring and support to all new staff with Massachusetts’s initial or preliminary licensure. The Mentoring and Induction program combines one-on-one contact on an ongoing basis with joint workshops on topics of interest to new educators. This program is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education for fulfillment of the mentoring requirement for professional licensure.


Contact Information:


Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Patricia Fry


Mentoring Coordinators

Erica Lewis, Secondary Coordinator

Christine Morgan, Elementary Coordinator







Program Expectations and Support

Program Expectations and Support

  • Three year program. New Educational staff will need to participate in 50 hours of mentoring beyond induction.
  • The Mentor-Protégé relationship is confidential, informative and supportive.
  • Induction workshops are held in August prior to the start of the school year.

Year One:

  • Mentors and Protégés meet weekly for a total of 35 hours a school year.
  • Protégés attend four required workshops.
  • Classroom observation visits by both Mentor and Protégé for non evaluative support.
  • Mentors attend mandatory trainings and meetings.

Year Two:

 Participation in a Book Study group.

Year Three:

Participation in the Skillful Teacher Course.




Sharing information about the Common Core, best teaching practices, planning, assessment and teaching for understanding.

Classroom Management/Home School Partnerships:

Providing assistance with routines, organization, assessment and best practices leading to high levels of instructional rigor and engagement.

Share methods related to conferencing and communication with colleagues and parents.


Review district wide polices and resources adopted by the Plymouth Public Schools.


Steering Committee

Mentor Steering Committee


Central Office: Patricia Fry

 Assistant Superintendent Human Resources 
508-830- 4300 - pfry@plymouth.k12.ma.us

Coordinator Secondary Level: Erica Lewis, PCIS
508-830-4450 - elewis@plymouth.k12.ma.us

Coordinator Elementary Level: Christine Morgan, CSES
508-830-4335 cmorgan@plymouth.k12.ma.us


Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board encourage you to contact them with any questions or concerns.

Elementary Liaison

Nancy Cavicchi, MES
508-830-4380 -  ncavicchi@plymouth.k12.ma.us

Middle School Liaison

Amy Ring,PCIS
508-830-4450 - aring@plymouth.k12.ma.us

High School Liason

Matt Carpenito, PSHS
508-224-7512 - mcarpenito@plymouth.k12.ma.us

Adustment Counselor Liason

Elementary Level: Lori Rush, HES 508-830-4340 lrush@plymouth.k12.ma.us

Secondary Level: Gioia Tango, PSHS 508-224-8769 gtango@plymouth.k12.ma.us


Nurse Leader

Carilyn Raines, PSMS

508-224-2725 - craines@plymouth.k12.ma.us



Mentoring Guidelines

Mentors Page


Video Links


Links to the Teaching Channel Video Clips Tips for the Mentors and Protege.

Classroom Management


Create A Safe Classroom


Lesson Planning




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