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Access to Local Health Care

The school nurse is a vital link for identifying health care resources and community services. If you need assistance, the school nurses are available to assist you.

Health Insurance

 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts now requires all residents to have health insurance. If your child is without health insurance, Massachusetts has several plans that will provide uninsured children and students ages 19 and under with affordable health care; some restrictions may apply. See your school nurse for details.


The school nurse educators encourage every child to have a primary health care provider (PCP), and receive their immunizations thru their PCP.  However, if your child does not have a PCP, immunizations are available through public health clinics.  Detailed information on Immunizations and available health clinics can be found on the Communicable Disease Control webpage.

Plymouth Pediatric Primary Care Providers.

Group / Address


Phone Number

 Long Pond Pediatrics & Osteopathy (LPP)

 110 Long Pond Road

Kimberly Ingalls, MD

Shoshana Katz, MD

Sabine Schmitt, DO

Ph:  (508) 747-1663

Fax: (508) 747-5581

 Plymouth Pediatric Associates

139 Sandwich Street


 Satellite Office

 441 Route 130

Jennifer Berrick, MD

Arthur Blasberg, MD

Ann Bodie, MD

Marietta Calisto-Clooney, MD

Virnaliza Cassidy, MD

Ramsey Fountain, MD

Carolyn Saluti, DO

Jessica Walsh, DO

Kathy Fortini, CPNP, MSN

Amy Mikelich, CPNP, MSN

Plymouth Office

Ph:  (508) 746-5900

Fax:(508) 747-2290


Sandwich Office:

Ph:   (508) 888-9853

Fax: (508) 747-2290

Plymouth Medical Group (PMG)


2 Technology Park Drive, Bourne
284 Monponsett St, Halifax
214 Main Street, Kingston
20 Tremont Street, Duxbury

Michael Smith, DO

William Griever, MD

Thomas Cody, MD

Peter McIver, MD

Leo Muido, MD

(781) 293-7210

(508) 743-9543

(781) 585-2172

(781) 585-2172

(781) 934-0172

 Performance Pediatrics

 23 Aldrin Road


Terence McAllister, MD

Rebecca Mark, PNP

(508) 747-8277


For Parents interested in having a Family Practitioner, there are two practices accepting new patients.

Harbor Community Health Center - Plymouth offers full Medical and Dental services to adults and children from the Plymouth County area. The Center accepts most commercial insurances for both medical and dental care, and also provides assistance with the application process for health or dental insurance through MA Health or options available through the Affordable Care Act. The Center provides immunizations only to those individuals registered with the Center.  Contact the Health Center for more information, or visit their website.

Harbor Community Health Center
10 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 115
Plymouth, MA 02360
PH: 508-778-5470
Fax: 508-778-5471

Hass Family Medicine, affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth, is a  family practice consisting of Dr. Joel Hass, Susan Hoover, FNP and Laura Cavicchi, FNP-BC. The practice is located just over the bridge in Sandwich, MA. Hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday 8a-8p, Friday 9a-5p, and Saturday 9a-3p.

BIDHC-Hass Family Medicine
74 Route 6A
Sandwich, MA 00563
P: 508-210-5918
F: 508-210-5919


Oral Health

Oral Health is a fundamental part of one's general health and affects our general well-being and quality of life.  Oral health can influence people physically and psychologically by affecting how they look, enjoy life, speak, chew, taste food and grow, and how they perceive others.  Many systemic diseases and conditions have oral manifestations, which are often the first signs of disease. Many medications used to treat systemic diseases can cause adverse oral side effects.

Student who received oral healthcare from their primary dentist are asked to provide the school nurse with updated information by having their dentist complete the Plymouth Public Schools Dental Certificate.  This will allow the school nurse to monitor the oral health of students undergoing oral healthcare.

Plymouth Public Schools Dental Certificate

Plymouth Public Schools is committed to ensuring that our students are given the opportunity to receive basic oral health services by offering two school-based programs supported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Both programs are designed to offer students improved oral health, to prevent and control dental disease, and in particular, to reach children with unmet dental needs.  These programs are provided on site with a record of each encounter recorded in the student's school health record.

Fluoride Program

The Fluoride Program is offered at the elementary levels in grades 2 and 3.  Studies show that a Fluoride Program can reduce caries by as much as 20% - 40%.

The Fluoride Program is a weekly "Swish and Spit" routine.  To be eligible for the program, a signed parent consent is required.  Students must have an adequate swallow reflex, and be able to hold the fluoride solution in their mouth for one minute without swallowing, and swish the solution forcefully between the teeth.  After one minute, the student spits the solution out.

The Fluoride Program is considered safe with no reported adverse effects from a weekly Swish and Spit Routine.

Polished LLC Program

Polished LLC is a completely self-contained program of portable preventiative dental health.  Dental hygienists travel to each preschool, elementary, and middle school to provide services.  This is a preventative program and is not a substitute for dental care provided by a dentist.  Typically, services are offered 2 times in the school year.  The following dental services are available:

  • Exams: check the teeth and mouth
  • Cleanings: remove Plaque and other deposits
  • Sealants: Placed on the chewing surface of the teeth to prevent cavities if indicated
  • Fluoride varnish application: Painted on the teeth to protect from cavities
  • Health education: teach children how to care for their teeth
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Offered to each child after their visit
  • Referrals: To dentists for additional follow-up/treatment as needed

For additional information on Polished LLC, visit their website at:

Note: Students can sign up for both the Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program and the Polished LLC Program annually.  There are no fees for either program.  Polished LLC asks for insurance information, to bill your insurance provider, but they will not bill you for services.  Every child who signs up for the program is receives services regardless of whether they have dental insurance coverage.

Pediatric Dental Providers.

Name / Address


Phone Number

 Braintree Pediatric Dental

 400 Washington St
Suite 301
(781) 356-4544

 Dentistry for Children

851 Main Street
Suite 3
South Weymouth

(781) 331-0140

Duxbury Children's Dentistry

95 Tremont Street
Suite 18

(781) 934-7111

Kid Dental Care

1613 Central Street
(781) 573-3188

Kid's Dental Care

154 W Grove Steet
(508) 947-6477

Kool Smiles

715 Crescent Street
Suite 4B

(508 )849-6712

Pediatric Dental Care

135 Sandwich Street
Suite 3

(508) 747-2117

Quincy Pediatric Dental

111 Willard Street
Suite 2D

(617) 471-2184

Shah Rasumi, DMD

1091 N Main Street

(508) 586-7866

South Shore Children's Dentistry

223 Chief Justice Cushing Hgwy

(781) 383-0003

South Shore Pediatric Dentistry

5 Federal Street

(781) 340-5437


To locate a dentist that accepts MassHealth Insurance, click the following:  Select "Find a Provider" and enter the Plymouth ZIP code: 02360 in the geographic area section.


 Additional Resources:

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American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: Guideline on Periodicity of Examination, Preventive Dental Services, Anticipatory Guidance/Counseling, and 
Oral Treatment for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

CDC: DIvision of Oral Health  (see Oral Health Topics)
American Academy of Pediatric Dentristry: Policies and GUidelines  
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MassHealth Member Documents
Colgate: Oral and Dental Health Resource Center
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