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Health: Nutrition, Hydration and Hygiene

Athletes need fuel and hydration for their bodies to perform their best. Hygiene is also important given the harmful and potentially life-threatening effects of what can be perceived as a minor cut or scrape that turns into an infection.  If you notice a rash or any suspect skin irritation, please see either your students primary care provider, school nurse or athletic trainer. All cuts and abrasions must be kept covered with a band-aid to prevent transmission of infection or disease.  One such infection of particular concern is MRSA, or methycillin resistant staphylococcus aureus.

The resources listed below address these important aspects of athletic competitions and provide valuable information pertinent to proper nuitrition, hydration, and hygiene for all student athletes: both male and female.

Sports Nutrition Tips
Top Sports Foods
MRSA Fact Sheet
MRSA Overview



 In the event an injury sustained during a practice or contest, the injury should be reported as soon as possible to the coach, athletic trainer and/or the school nurse so that the necessary care may be initiated and the student monitored; classroom accommodations will be provided if needed. Attention should be paid to any type of head injury given the potential short term impact on behavior and academic performance, as well as the long-term impact on an individual's ability to function later in life.  Students who are referred to their primary care provider or emergency room for evaluation are required to be cleared by their physician to return to play.  Please see your child's coach or school nurse for more information.  Plymouth Public Schools wants all athletes to be successful on and off the field!


Head Injuries/Concussions

In response to recent legislation on sports-related head injuries, the Department of Public Health developed regulations that were promulgated on June 24, 2010.  Under these regulations, specific documentation has been developed to facilitate a student's participation in sports, and to document and manage a student with a head injury.  Some of these forms require parent/guardian signature and student signature.

Students with head injuries will require medical clearance from their healthcare provider before being allowed to return to school and/or sports.  Given that head injury signs and symptoms can be very subtle and that recovery from a concussion can be prolonged, medical clearance to return to academics typically precedes medical clearance to return to play by an extended period of time.  It is in the student athlete's best interest not to rush to return to sports following a head injury. 

Students with head injuries may require temporary classroom accommodations to manage the impact a concussion can have on academic performance.  If your child is having difficulty in school following a head injury, contact your healthcare provider immediately, and inform your school nurse. 

 The following forms will help you facilitate your child's entry in extracurricular sports both at the start of the year and re-entry to academics and play after a head injury.

Pre Participation Head Injury Reporting Form
Post Concussion Assessment Tool

Post Head Injury Medical Clearance
Post Head Injury Learning Accommodations Plan
Post Head Injury MCAS Accommodations
Post Head Injury Return To Academics
Post Head Injury Return To Play

 For additional information on head injuries, and to take the required training online, see the links below.
Concussion Handout
MA DPH Regulations
Policy on the Management of Students with Head Injury and Concussion
Approved Training Materials for Sports-Related Concussions



An annual sports physical is required for participation in school sponsored athletic activities. The physical is valid for 13 months, and must be current for students to participate in their selected sport(s). Special sports physical forms are available in the school health offices as well as in the athletic departments. It is preferable that student's have the physical performed by their primary care provider. Download the Sports Physical Form.

In addition to an annual sports physical, each individual associated with extracurricular sports activities must complete one of the Head Injury Safety Training Programs approved by the MA Department of Public Health (MDPH): Approved Training Materials for Sports-Related Concussions.  Training is required annually, applies to one school year only, and must be repeated for every subsequent year of student athlete participation.  Individuals requiring training include anyone associated with extracurricular athletic activities, in particular parents of students participating and the student athletes themselves.  Student athletes include those participating in sports and in the marching band.  Training is available on line and is free of charge.

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