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Screenings are conducted by the health services staff or their designee according to MA Department of Public Health regulations. Screenings are not a diagnostic tool, but rather a means of identifying potential problems that can affect a child’s performance in school and perhaps lead to health issues as the child grows and matures. 

Screenings are performed upon initial entry into the school system, and then according to the annual screening schedule.  Typically screenings are conducted early in the school year or upon request of the parent or guardian.

The following screenings are routinely conducted under the supervision of, or by the Health Office staff:

  • Growth: Height and weight are measured in grades Pre-K, 1, 4, 7 and 10. 

  • Vision and Hearing: Near and far vision are tested annually on students in grades Pre-K through 5, and in grades 7 and 10.  Stereopsis is tested in the lower grades.

Note: Parents/guardians are notified only if a student does not pass a Vision or Hearing Screening.  If a student fails a Vision or Hearing screening at school, a repeat screening is performed usually within 30 days.  If the student fails the second screening, a parent/guardian notification letter is sent home via backpack mail requesting follow-up by the student’s primary care provider. Results of the physician referral should be communicated to the school nurse.

  • Postural: Performed annually on students in grades 5 through 9, the time of the most rapid growth and when signs of spinal curvature typically appear.  Postural screenings can detect early signs of spinal and postural problems that should have further evaluation.

Note: All parents/guardians will be notified of scheduled postural screenings to ensure students are appropriately attired for the screening.  Only parents/guardians of students with abnormal results will receive notification, typically via backpack mail, for further evaluation by the healthcare provider.  Results of the physician referral should be communicated to the school nurse.







1, 4, 7, 10

Pre K thru 5, 7, 10

5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Screening Exemption: If you do not want your child to be screened for any or all state mandated health screenings, you must make the request in writing and give it to your child’s school nurse.  A separate form is required for each child when requesting an exemption from annual screenings.  Vision, Hearing and Postural screenings require a religious exemption.  A current physical exam (within the last 3 years) must be on file in lieu of annual screenings.

Annual Health Screenings policy
Screening Exemption Request

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