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Health and Wellness Website

Throughout this school year as we place the focus on your wellness (mind, body and spirit) we will be posting information that we hope you will find helpful. 

If you would like to run some sort of health/wellness activity, please complete the following application:

Health/Wellness Activity Proposal


Health/Wellness Tip:

Eat breakfast 

Don't start your day with an empty tank. Eat a healthy breakfast every day—packed with fiber—to get your metabolism moving and prepare your body for whatever lies ahead. Studies show that a fiber packed breakfast may also lower cholesterol levels. 

Easy Steps to Miles Conversion Chart


Gym Memberships

Weight Loss Opportunities

Fitness Opportunities

Getting to 10K steps in a day:

     30 day steps challenge

     10K in a day

     How to get to 10,000 steps 

     Steps to Miles Converter

Discount Opportunities

Past Tips of the Week

Low carb and low sugar - look at what you are eating that has sugar (even fruit). Cut the sugar amount in 1/2 replace with protein good fat! 

- Strength training builds muscle. Speed metabolism 30 min a day!

- When you combine fruits and vegetables with clean whole foods and supplements when needed, and staying within your daily calorie limit, the weight falls off!

 - Soups are a great grab and go food - low in calories and high nutrional value!

- Walk 10,000 steps each day

(you can get a free app on your phone (Pacer) or get a pedometer for $15)

- Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day

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