Goals and Services

  • "The mission of the Plymouth Public School’s Guidance Department is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program, addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Without regard to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, handicap or national origin, we encourage all students to develop realistic concepts of themselves, along with an understanding of the educational and career opportunities available to them. Counselors collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents and community resources and agencies to provide the support necessary to ensure that all students maximize their academic achievement and potential. Moreover, we assist school administration in providing a safe and respectful environment that encourages a diverse student body to become life-long, independent, critical thinkers and productive citizens in a changing society." 

    School counseling services at Plymouth South Middle School are an integral part of the educational program. Counselors strive to work closely with students, parents, faculty, administrators and community professionals to provide a positive atmosphere that contributes significantly to the personal and educational development of students.  

    The goals of the school counseling department in working with students are to:

    • Plan a relevant education program
    • Set general and/or specific career goals
    • Develop healthy decision-making skills
    • Develop an awareness of their own self-worth and dignity
    • Increase their understanding of the world in which they live

    The school counseling department's main services are:

    • Educational/Career Counseling
    • Personal Counseling
    • Consulting and Placement 

    Counselors are available as a school-based resource. Students are able to see their counselor on an individual basis or in a small group setting when appropriate. Referrals to counseling services can be made by the student, teacher, administrator, or by a parent or guardian. Parents or guardians are encouraged to contact any member of the counseling staff at any time regarding academic, social or family concerns. All information is held in the strictest confidence. Information regarding outside agencies, therapists, family counselors and other sources of assistance are also available in the counseling offices.