Aspen is our district's student information database.  Data such as demographic information for students and staff, student contact information, grades, attendance, and other academic data and resources can be found here.

To access this information, students and parents will need a user account set up by the school system.  Currently student accounts are only available for students in grades 6 - 12.  Student accounts are automically created upon enrollment and their teachers can provide them with their username and password.  Their school can also help them with any questions about the account or if they are having trouble logging in.

Parent Accounts

Parent portal accounts for Aspen are available for legal parent/guardians of all active students.

Accounts are automatically created and login credentials are emailed. 

This email comes from

Please allow this email address in your email settings.  Most school related emails will come from this address as well.

The following are support resources for the Aspen parent portal account:

Aspen Login Page

Login Instructions & Guidance

Viewing Report Cards in the Parent Portal

If you need any help with your parent portal account that the resources above or your child's school could not address, please email