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Fine Motor Development

How to Teach a Tripod Grasp (Using the Broken Crayon Trick)

Why Broken Crayons In OT?

Fine Motor Skills Activities (For Toddlers) - 3 Year Old Tasks & Skills

Learning Without Tears Lessons

Phase 1 - Objectives & Guidance of Sequence:

  • Assemble a head

  • Assemble entire Mat Man

  • Draw head/ face

  • Draw entire body

Stage 1: Assemble face and labeling - head (2 big curves) eyes, nose, mouth (little curve), ears (2 little curves).

Stage 2: Review- Assembling of face and labeling -eyes, nose, mouth, ears, big/ little curve. Then add next steps - body (rectangle), arms (big lines), hands, legs (big lines) and feet (little lines).

*Emphasize working top to bottom to practice sequencing-prerequisite for letter formations.

Stage 3: Once students demonstrate proficiency with assembling Mat Man with the manipulatives, now you can try drawing out all the steps. You can use the pieces during a review, warm up, sing it out, and/or hand the manipulatives in sight to aid with cueing.


Whole Body

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